One always wonders how to start off their site. The simplest thing to do is to prepare, design and then in the end just make it go live. While this is what most people do (create a site and immediately jut make it go live), it is not the most effective way of starting a website.

When you are finished with the creation of your site, you should first want to create a sort of “hype” when the site is supposed to go live. That is why you need a coming soon page which will create a build-up of fans who are going to come and visit it on day one!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where a coming soon page comes in handy!

What is a coming soon page?

A coming soon page is especially a site that consists of a single page. In this page, you can establish your social media accounts, what you are about, and you can add a sort of timer which will countdown when your site is going to go live. With it, you will also be able to establish a brand well before the brand has come out. 

It will also increase your footprint on search engines like Google or Bing. To be more accurate, you will be getting their attention in hopes of starting off your SEO.

Stats and analytics

There is also the purpose of analyzing your audience before they start going through your site. Some plugins can offer you analytical insight into what your audience is about, which browsers they are going to be using and from which device they are going to be visiting your site from. This allows you to further prepare and polish your site taking into accounts such stats. For example, you might notice that a lot of your visitors are using mobile phones to visit your site. With this knowledge, you can then invest more time in optimizing the mobile version of your site in order to accommodate your visitors visiting your site through mobile devices.

Social media

The other thing that people forget is your social media accounts. With a coming soon page, you can increase the number of subscribers on your social media accounts by a large margin. If you promote your social media links on the coming soon page and vice versa, you will gain a large enough following in all spheres. This will make promoting your future blog that much easier. 

It is a simple concept to understand, and if you do it properly you can reap the benefits within a couple of minutes of your site going live.

Get subscribers sooner

The coming soon page is also a great way of receiving additional subscribers to your blog well before you have posted any content. The trick is to create the coming soon page to look as professional and as clean as possible. It has to draw attention and curiosity from your visitors to ensure that they will come along when it goes live.

A coming soon page is also a great front for trying to find potential customers or future advertisers. If you can promote the concept of your product well enough (in this case a blog), you could be selling your product before the launch itself.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

This is a great plugin if you are planning on creating a simple and professional coming soon page or maintenance mode page.

The real beauty of it is its ease of use and the user-friendliness of the layout builder. If you have some time to spare, or if you really want to customize the coming soon page, then you should go to the layout builder. With this powerful tool, you can simply drag and drop features and design boxes to the page to further customize it. It is that easy. You just drag and drop elements in and out until you are happy with the overall design. You can add in things like text, videos, a countdown clock and multiple other elements that will give you absolute control over all of your preferences. The way it accomplishes this is that it supports Elementor, Beaver Builder and, of course, Gutenberg. 

If you want to change anything with additional pictures and so on, you are free to do so. You can change the background of the entire coming soon page by adding your own images or you can choose any picture from the Unsplash depository (that is something like 100 million images for you to choose from). Heck, if you don’t like how the images are coloured or so on, you can simply add filters to the images before they are added to the background (in the ranks of Instagram filters).

Now, the coming soon page and maintenance mode is not made to just be a single page site which you use for hyping a site or informing your users that the site is under maintenance. It is also a great tool that allows you to check the stats and see what’s cooking up under the hood. You can track where the hits are coming from (country, which browsers are being used when viewing your site, which devices are visiting your site and so on).

The plugin also comes with a couple of powerful SEO features that do the job very well when it comes to analyzing the SEO of your site. This can come in very handy since it removes the need to install additional plugins that deal with the optimization.

Once you have established your coming soon page, you can integrate the plugin with autoresponders like Zapier or Mailchimp. This feature is signed with convenience if you’re going to be receiving a lot of new people subscribing to your newsletter or something of the sorts, and you won’t have the time to respond to all of them. With an autoresponder, the visitor who has subscribed to your newsletter will immediately receive an email thanking them and letting them know when a new product will be coming out (or blog posts if that is what your site is about).

Early access for clients is another neat little feature that allows you to show the site being built before it gets published. This is a great feature if you are creating a site for a client who wants to be present in the process and have insights on how the project is progressing. You just give them a “Secret Access Link” with which they can access the site to see how it is coming up.


The last thing that I’m going to mention is the rebranding feature of this plugin.  The newly introduced brand feature is an awesome addition to a plugin that is already packed with great tools and features. 

So, the question is: Have you ever wanted to redesign (rebrand) a plugin which you have installed on your WordPress website? Well, the main reason why you would want to do this is to add that additional touch of finesse. It is always a nice addition when you can add your preferred colours to a plugin in which you are going to be spending a lot of time on.

Before this, the plugin used white labelling which essentially removes all logos and colour schemes from the plugin. This is essential for some companies since they do not want other people’s logos and colours anywhere near their site, or even on the plugins that they are using.

There are many things that you can rebrand, like the name of the plugin, the plugin’s short name, the URL of the plugin’s site, the company name, the site of the company and you can add additional notes that are only visible in the dashboard.


At the end of the day, it really is much more beneficial for your site to have a coming soon page, no matter what your site is about. It creates brand awareness, it gives you insight on your future visitors, it boosts your social media accounts and it is super easy and fast to set up!


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