The small businesses are in their initial stages and need to rise in order to gain more customers.

As per experts, the need of the logo and that too, a compelling one is most needed for small business.

Always believe in the fact that the first impression is the last impression.

Do you know the human attention span (7-8 seconds) is shorter than a goldfish’s (9 seconds)? You only have 7 seconds to grab a website visitor’s attention.

The Logo is like a small ad for your company. When you begin the process of logo creation make sure you have developed your brand strategy to convey the right message. Having a great logo will avoid many business problems in the future.

If you are successful in creating a good impression of your business in front of the visitors, the chances are very high they will visit again and also provide you with the mouth publicity.

According to Wikipedia,

“A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization.”

Su Mathews Hale, a senior partner at the New York brand strategy and design firm Lippincott said,

“A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behavior, and values,” recently published an interesting piece in which Matthews Hale explains Walmart Logo Design

“Mathews and her team decided to keep the color blue, which Mathews said is the world’s favorite color, but go for a brighter hue they believed evoked modernity and trustworthiness. They replaced the sharp angles of the original letters with “a more humanistic font.” Finally, they decided on an asterisk-like symbol they wanted to look like “a lightbulb going off in your head,” a metaphor for Wal-Mart shoppers being smart for taking advantage of affordable, quality products. They chose a hue of yellow that appeared hopeful but didn’t make it too bright because “bright yellow is associated with low-cost items in retail,” said Mathews. She was happy to find that focus groups also interpreted the spark as a sun or flower, both positive associations.”

Unilever is a global consumer goods provider company. See the Unilever Logo.

The “U” in Unilever logo is creatively filled in with a variety of images, but every single icon used actually represents an aspect of the Unilever business.

According to Unilever, “Their logo was designed to include 25 icons, each of which represents something important to Unilever. Each icon has a rich meaning at its core, and represents some aspect of their effort to make sustainable living commonplace.”

In the process of making a small business look like a well-established brand, the logo plays an important role.

There are several reasons why small businesses need a compelling logo:

To look bigger and well established

As discussed, the logos are a way to symbolize your business as well established and bigger. The great logos create a great impression and people most often remember the logos, which are unique and well crafted.

While, many may forget the brand name, but if the product is well suited, people look for the logo in the next purchase. Thus, create a logo which is hard to forget.

Attract new customers

Always remember a fact that your customers see a lot in the market, and thus expecting them to remember you is a bit difficult task.

But, if your logo is a bit appealing, it may send a direct message to your potential customers over making you as a choice over your competitors.

Thus, differentiate yourself from your competitors by the use of a compelling logo associated your brand and give yourself a better chance to gain more footfalls.

Think about how your logo will appear on business cards or stationery. You can also greatly utilize the logos in your T-Shirts, which is a trend of today.

Employees are your first brand ambassador. Design your company T-shirts with your brand’s logo, it’s a powerful and affordable marketing opportunity.

Logos are a sign of professionalism

In fact, logos are a branding way. The logos serve the purpose of giving you a professional look and imbibe a sense of confidence among your customers.

The customers feel safe and proud to connect with you if your presentation is good in the market. The logo is a way to send a message of professionalism.

It infuses a sense that you are stable and build a much-needed trust of your customers in you.

Logos are a sign of your niche

Most of the times, logos serve the purpose of conveying your niche field. The logos are just a symbol, but in most of the cases, it serves more than this.

It serves as an identity of your niche you are dealing with. It also conveys your company name and thus acts as a visual clue for your business.

You don’t need to spend a thousand dollars on a logo to stand out from the crowd. In case, you are looking for a well-reputed logo designer, who can create a great logo for you, there are several brands available in the market.

Get a well-reputed logo designer and start your branding with the perfect logo for your business.


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