WordPress is a name that resonates with millions of people worldwide. It’s the backbone of countless websites, blogs, and e-commerce platforms, powering over 40% of all websites on the internet. But who were the masterminds behind this revolutionary platform? This article delves into the lives and contributions of the founders of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Who is Matt Mullenweg?

Matthew Charles Mullenweg, born on January 11, 1984, is an American entrepreneur and web developer. He is best known for co-founding WordPress and founding Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and more.

Mullenweg’s Early Life and Career

Mullenweg was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He developed an interest in computers and programming at a young age. He attended the University of Houston but dropped out in 2004 to work at CNET Networks. While working at CNET, Mullenweg started WordPress as a side project.

Who is Mike Little?

Mike Little is a British software developer, consultant, and web publisher. He is recognized as the co-founder of WordPress alongside Mullenweg. Little has made significant contributions to the WordPress community and continues to do so through his WordPress consultancy firm, zed1.com.

Little’s Early Life and Career

Little was born in the UK and has always had a passion for computers and programming. He started his career as a software engineer before venturing into web development. Little’s collaboration with Mullenweg began when they both showed interest in improving an existing blogging software, b2/cafelog.

The Birth of WordPress

WordPress was born out of a desire to improve upon existing blogging software. In 2003, Mullenweg wrote a blog post expressing his disappointment with the stagnation of his favorite blogging software, b2/cafelog. Little, a user of the same software, responded to Mullenweg’s post, and the two decided to collaborate. Their collaboration led to the creation of WordPress, a free and open-source content management system.

The Impact of WordPress

Since its inception, WordPress has grown exponentially. It has evolved from a simple blogging tool to a comprehensive content management system, powering everything from personal blogs to corporate websites and online stores. WordPress’s impact is undeniable, with its user-friendly interface, customizable themes, and extensive plugin library making it a favorite among web developers and non-technical users alike.


In conclusion, the founders of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, have made significant contributions to the world of web development. Their vision and dedication have led to the creation of a platform that has revolutionized the way we create and manage websites. Their story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and developers, reminding us that great things often start from simple ideas and collaborations.

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or a beginner looking to start your first blog, understanding the history and people behind WordPress can provide valuable insights and appreciation for this powerful tool. Remember, every website you create using WordPress is a testament to the vision and hard work of its founders.


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