Oracle Corporation, a multinational computer technology corporation, is a household name in the world of database management systems. Known for its fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services, Oracle has been a game-changer in the tech industry. But who were the brains behind this tech giant? This article delves into the lives of the founders of Oracle, Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates, and how they built one of the most successful tech companies in the world.

Meet Larry Ellison

Lawrence Joseph Ellison, better known as Larry Ellison, was born in New York City in 1944. He was adopted by his aunt and uncle at a young age and grew up in Chicago. Ellison dropped out of college and moved to California, where he began working for Ampex Corporation. It was here that he participated in building a database for the CIA, which he named “Oracle”.

Bob Miner: The Silent Force

Robert Miner, or Bob Miner as he was commonly known, was born in Cicero, Illinois in 1941. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Mathematics. Miner met Ellison while working at Ampex Corporation. Despite being less known than Ellison, Miner played a crucial role in the development of Oracle’s flagship product, Oracle Database.

Ed Oates: The Third Musketeer

Edward Oates, the third co-founder of Oracle, was born in 1946. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Mathematics. Oates also met Ellison and Miner at Ampex Corporation. His contribution to Oracle was significant, particularly in the area of customer support.

The Birth of Oracle

In 1977, Ellison, Miner, and Oates founded Software Development Laboratories (SDL) with an initial investment of $2000. In 1979, SDL was renamed Relational Software Inc., and finally in 1982, it became Oracle Systems Corporation, named after its flagship product.

Oracle’s Rise to Fame

Oracle’s breakthrough came in 1981 when it landed a contract with the U.S. Navy. The company’s success continued to skyrocket, and by 1986, Oracle had its initial public offering (IPO). Despite some financial difficulties in the early 1990s, Oracle bounced back and continued to grow, acquiring several companies and expanding its product line.

The Legacy of Oracle’s Founders

Ellison served as Oracle’s CEO until 2014 and is currently the company’s executive chairman and chief technology officer. Miner, unfortunately, passed away in 1994, but his contributions to Oracle are still recognized today. Oates retired in 1996 but remains an influential figure in the tech industry.

In conclusion, the founders of Oracle, Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates, were visionaries who revolutionized the tech industry. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence led to the creation of a company that continues to shape the world of technology. Their story serves as an inspiration for aspiring tech entrepreneurs around the globe.


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