You have spent a lot of time and energy developing your exciting, new mobile app. Successful tests have been performed on all types of devices, all the bugs have been worked out, and the app has been launched. 

Now it is time to go about marketing the app to stimulate download growth.

If you can get your app in front of users most likely to be interested in your brand and provide them with fresh, engaging content, you will see your download numbers grow.  Marketing your app takes hard work, patience, and an understanding of the unique digital landscape.

Marketing Your App to Generate Downloads

The competition for app downloads is fierce. A comprehensive marketing plan will be needed to put your app in front of users likely to download and use it. A commitment to ASO can be the catalyst for growth, and in Zutobi’s case, a commitment to ASO not only built our visibility but ultimately won us recognition by Apple twice on the Apple store for driving apps

Using the same principles of traditional search engine optimization (SEO), app store optimization (ASO) uses relevant keywords to appear in mobile application searches on popular app stores. There are a specific set of strict criteria based on keywords and the app’s download history. It is a painstaking process that takes time and the skills of an experienced digital marketer specializing in ASO marketing. 

Using Research, Analytics to Track, Adjust Marketing Strategies

There is a large selection of research and analytics tools that help create and drive mobile apps’ marketing strategies. Existing and ongoing data is used to track download traffic and user activity to determine the necessary adjustments in strategies that will increase conversion numbers. Analytical information allows marketers to anticipate the needs of app users and implement meaningful updates and actionable incentives.

Monitor the Competition

There is no such thing as an original idea, so you might as well check out your competition to see what is (and isn’t) working for them and apply that information to your app marketing plan. Scan their reviews, break down their price points, and track their marketing plans and successes. Focusing on your competition allows you the perspective to compare your practices and provides more information to make the right marketing decisions for you.

Use Incentives to Get (and Keep Users) Interested

The best way to get and keep mobile app users interested is to offer a variety of incentives. Make them feel like they are invested in your business and that if they fail to return regularly, they will miss out on something of value. Offering time-sensitive, accumulating incentives will make visiting your app a part of the user’s daily digital routine.

Types of App Incentives to Jumpstart Growth

The incentives you use to increase downloads and user engagement can vary depending on the type of business and your overall marketing goals and objectives. The key is to provide fresh, new, compelling content regularly to encourage repeat visits.

App incentives are most successful when they appeal to your target audience, typically based on demographic metrics such as age, location, and purchasing habits. Incentives like additional airtime that are effective in developing countries will not be as appealing to users in areas with unlimited usage plans. Achievement awards like customized avatars, badges, and accumulating reward points are successful in affluent regions.

One incentive that can also be used to generate income is to offer premium versions, features, or content unavailable to other users. The incentives must have significant value to be worthy of the additional cost, or you could lose the user completely.

How to Use Push Notifications

A push notification is a short text or browser message that alerts users of important information or a call to action. The open rate for branded texts is typically higher than other communication channels like email, phone, or social media messaging. Push notifications are powerful marketing tools to compel users and customers to act. While they can be an effective component to help reach specific app conversion goals, overuse risks annoying users and compelling them to uninstall the app instead of completing the requested action.

Consistently Add Fresh Value to App

Unlike web pages of the past, a mobile app is not a static application. Your app must constantly adapt to the market environment to keep users engaged and interested. Use regular app updates to respond to users and keep them engaged and invested in the app and your brand.

Change the app’s appearance and style, add new perks and rewards, and implement fresh, exciting marketing strategies to keep your app in motion and relevant. Offer users a new experience to keep them interested and engaged. You will also need to monitor the app’s performance and functionality, so any bugs or issues are quickly addressed.

To maintain and grow your user base, value needs to be consistently added with ongoing fresh content and incentives. At Zutobi, we constantly survey users and ask for feedback. Our research has found that many of them were getting stumped over “uncontrolled intersections”.

So naturally, we updated our app, learning modules and content to feature a guide on understanding uncontrolled intersections.  Stagnant apps send a message to your users that you are no longer interested in building or maintaining a relationship. Downloads will stop, people will start uninstalling the app, and app stores will drop you from their inventory.

Make It Personal

If your app is on a user’s phone, you are part of their personal digital space. Allowing the user to personalize your app as much as possible will make it feel like it was created just for them. Allowing users to select colors, characters, and other personalized features will make users more likely to continue returning to the app. Feedback options and push notifications can be customized to present a unique experience for each user.

Jumpstart App Growth With Effective Marketing Strategies

An app’s success depends on your ability to attract and retain users with effective marketing strategies and engaging content. It takes hard work and a lot of patience to get app users’ attention and engage them in your brand. Implementing ASO techniques and offering users a worthwhile experience help to increase download and internal conversion rates that foster substantial growth.


Tim Waldenback is the co-founder of Zutobi Drivers Ed, a gamified e-learning platform focused on online drivers education to help teens get their license. Tim founded Zutobi to make world-class driver's education fun, affordable, and easily accessible for all.