Expanding business avenues, sales and conversions have been the most challenging aspects when you are looking forward to a marketing strategy that actually works for your business. Marketers play a vital role in evaluating and devising a strategy irrespective of business nature. 

Especially at the times of pandemic, marketing and targeting the right customers at the right time has become the need of the hour for marketers to optimize marketing strategy in place.

Even with limited resources and marketing budget, Email Marketing Campaigns can serve as a savior for your marketing endeavors.

As per Statista, There are 3.9 billion daily email users. This number is expected to climb to 4.3 billion by 2023.

What is Email Marketing?


Email Marketing is a way to market your product and services via emails. Through Email marketing, you can easily reach out to your potential and existing customers with personalized emails dropping straight into their inboxes.

It allows businesses to keep their customers informed, and to customize their marketing messages accordingly. You can think of it as one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich forms of digital marketing today. It’s potent and persuasive nature gets your eCommerce store great results.

Email Marketing is here to stay as Nearly nine out of every ten marketers use email marketing to distribute content organically.

Gone are the days when your emails appeared just as a piece of news like newsletters. Marketers have been finding ways to optimize Email Marketing Campaigns with interactive content and visuals as emails with interactive content elements have better conversion rates.

Which Email Marketing Tool to use for your Email Marketing Campaigns?

There are various Email Marketing tools that you can choose from MailChimp to SendinBlue to ConvertKit and much more. But which one you should go for still seems confusing. 

Out of these, MailChimp has been one of the popular Email Marketing tools for Small Scale businesses to Medium to even Large Enterprises with an average open rate of 21.33%.

These statistics have proved the realm of MailChimp in the Email Marketing Space. MailChimp offers flexible pricing options to serve your business needs. They offer more than 300+ app integrations and are industry compliant with built-in security features. This has made MailChimp a preferable choice for marketers across the globe.

Apart from this, MailChimp allows you to optimize your campaigns with inbuilt features like Audience Segmentation, Behavioral Targeting, Content Studio, Email Templates, and much more.

In this digital-driven age, having an Email Marketing Tool is just not enough to optimize and kick start your Email Marketing Campaigns. There is much more that you can do to target your next Email Marketing Campaign. Have you heard of MailChimp Integrations?

Yes, these integrations can work wonders for your Email Marketing Campaigns. The most popular being Salesforce MailChimp Integration. 

What is MailChimp Salesforce Integration?

MailChimp has been touted as one of the popular Email Marketing tools with around 11 million active customers, whereas Salesforce is the number #1CRM with around 150,000 users across the globe.

These recurring numbers have made this integration so powerful. Salesforce and MailChimp are coming together to optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns while importing data from MailChimp to Salesforce to manage contacts, leads, and subscribers from Salesforce.

Isn’t it exciting? Now you can manage all your marketing campaign data from Salesforce end while optimizing campaigns attracting more potential customers. You can do much more with MailChimp Salesforce Integration. 

Benefits of integrating MailChimp and Salesforce are as follows:

  • Sync data across platforms: Salesforce MailChimp Integration allows you to sync your Mailchimp subscribers into Salesforce and link them to existing contacts and leads in your CRM, creating a shared view across platforms.
  • Enables Rich and Meaningful Marketing Insights: It enables data sync to update Salesforce contacts and leads with Mailchimp campaign activity,  so your sales team gets insights into how their leads are engaging with marketing—right within their CRM.
  • Enabled Seamless Lead Capturing and Nurturing: Seamlessly sync and integrate your Salesforce leads and contacts into Mailchimp and target them with Mailchimp’s full suite of marketing tools, including specialized email content, ads, postcards, and more. 
  • Customization: Salesforce and MailChimp data integration sync Mailchimp data directly into Salesforce where you can easily grant the user access to key features to customize MailChimp subscriber and campaign activity with different content and theme layouts.
  • Segmentation:  Segmenting and aligning your marketing with a specific user persona can reap results much faster. MailChimp and Salesforce Integration allow you to segment your subscriber data based on buyer personas and further tags them into Groups and lookalike audiences to target niche and restricted customers with ease.

How to integrate MailChimp and Salesforce together?

To integrate Salesforce and MailChimp together, you can browse through several applications available in Google Search Results to refine your search on MailChimp Salesforce Integration.

Some of the popular applications available to integrate Salesforce and MailChimp are ChimpConnect,  ChimpSync, MailChimp Integration App, and much more.

Before picking up your choice, you must collate your business marketing requirements in place. There are free trial versions available that you can review and try on for the first few days before going in to buy the application. There are applications offering ample features in the free trial version as well for you to test before you buy.

Once you install one of these applications to integrate MailChimp and Salesforce together, you can easily manage bi-directional data flow from MailChimp to Salesforce.

Here is the list of activities that you can achieve when you integrate Salesforce and MailChimp together:

  • Manage Mailchimp subscribers from Salesforce end
  • Sync Mailchimp subscribers as Salesforce leads 
  • Sync Mailchimp Audiences to map Salesforce fields via Field Mapping Variables
  • Sync leads and contacts from Salesforce to Mailchimp
  • Create a custom lead, contact, and campaign member queries that run daily or
  • even hourly
  • View Mailchimp campaign reports and campaign share reports from or within Salesforce


Email Marketing offers a pool of opportunities for marketers to target users in the most conversational way. Email Marketing optimization with third-party applications like Salesforce can forge marketing campaigns to a new high.

MailChimp Salesforce Integration will not only help in Mass Emailing but it will also help in attracting the right set of users while delighting the current users.

You can easily track campaign reports, click and open rates in Salesforce.  In addition to this, campaign details will be synchronized with Salesforce in real-time.

With this integration of MailChimp and Salesforce, you are now completely ready to take on email marketing campaigns for your business. 


Alex is a writer and content marketing specialist. He is currently working for Breakline, a UK based SEO Agency.