You can’t build your business without a tool that is called communication. Communication helps you connect up with your target audience and offer your product. 

But it is quite challenging to build new connections if no one knows your brand. 

Seems like a dead-end situation, doesn’t it?


If you know how to do email outreach properly, you won’t have any difficulties in growing your customer database. 

Let’s start!

Let People Know More About Your Brand Persona

Progress moves ahead. Every market suggests new products and solutions for consumers. Competition becomes stronger and stronger. 

And your purpose is to be competitive on the market. 

Unfortunately, if nobody knows your brand, your chances to succeed are dim. 

What to do then?

You should work on your brand (persona) recognition. 

What does it mean?

Let’s say you’ve received a message from the person you’ve never heard about before. You don’t know anything about the service this person offers as well. And you noticed that this person didn’t take care of his email pitch properly. No email personalization. Nothing special that would catch your eye. 

As a result, you won’t reply to this message. 

Your target audience reacts to your pitch in the same way. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that you don’t get replies to your messages.

The first few elements you must take care of are:

  • using a corporate email address
  • add a proper signature
  • add social links

By providing people with more information about your persona, you will allow them to get closer to yourself and trust you. 

However, the other question here is how to find your target audience who would receive the messages from you?

How to Find a Target Audience Related to Your Business Niche

Email outreach includes different preparation stages that require your time and efforts. The first stage you must work on is finding your target audience. 

You can spend your time exploring the Internet and social platforms to find various communities, groups, blogs where a niche-related target audience might hang out. 

This approach is a way time-consuming and your outreach might be done blindly with zero results. 

Likely, you can always focus on acquiring your potential customers from the competitors. Hence, let’s see how to do it efficiently. 

For instance, you are operating in a coworking niche. You are producing coworking management software. But your company has just entered the market and you don’t have a solid customer base. 

You must find your main competitors with the help of Google and by using an inquiry related to your niche. 

As you can see, Google provided me with the list of resources that include the most prominent coworking management software brands within the niche. 

These brands are your target. 

What’s next? 

The next step is to understand the idea behind the outreach.

Understand the Essence of Email Outreach

You should realize that the main purpose of email outreach is to build connections between people. The final goal of outreach could be different:

  • Quiz
  • Link building
  • Various marketing activities
  • Content promotion

It doesn’t matter. The matter is that outreach works as a specific tool that helps you customize the process of getting in touch with whatever people you want. 

One of the most common purposes of email outreach is link building. 

You know that it is strictly important to make your backlink profile of a website stronger by acquiring more links. It will help you rank well on Google and your product will be seen by your target audience. 

Therefore, in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build backlinks using email outreach specifically. The other good news is that you can use the same outreach approach to other building connection activities. 

How to Find Targets for Your Email Outreach Campaign

Let’s get back to the results Google has provided you with. You can see that there are some posts that might contain lots of backlinks that you’re willing to acquire. To find the number of backlinks each post contains, you can use backlink checker tool:

This post contains 45 backlinks in general. Your purpose is to revise all the backlinks and to find the most promising ones. 

Each backlink gives you a chance to stumble upon some piece of content or whatever reference that would be useful for you in terms of outreach. Let’s review the example below:

From the example, you can see that there is a list of coworking management software solutions that might not include the service you offer. Your task is to get in touch with this blog post’s author (or editor of the blog) and suggest to include your post as well. 

How to do this successfully? 

By finding the correct email address of the recipient first of all. 

Search Email Addresses Properly 

When you send your message to a correct email address, you can be sure for a hundred percent that you won’t get the following notification:

This notification lets you know that your message hasn’t been delivered to the person due to email invalidity. 

Likely, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to reach out to this person sooner or later. There is always a way on how to resolve this situation. 

If you want to find the correct email address, you can use email finder tools like Hunter, Findthat.Email, ContactOut, and Voilanorbert. All these tools have the same aim – to find the correct email address of any person you like. 

You can be sure that you will find those email addresses that would be valid and your pitch will never fail. 

The Process of Outreach 

Before you start your email outreach campaign, you should know that outreach consists of three basic stages. Let’s review them one by one:

  • Personalization of email templates

The main difference between a personalized email template and a “cold” one is simple – cold email template contains an ordinary subject line, no personal approach to the recipient, and is focused on selling but not on building relationships. 

How to differentiate a cold email subject line from the personalized one? 

When you receive a cold email, the subject line is always straightforward and gives you a clear idea of what you’ll find when opening the message. For instance:

Despite this fact, if you’re telling your recipient about the main idea behind your email pitch, you will save this person’s time and calm down your expectations. 

Here is an example of a straightforward and personalized subject line we used in one of our outreach campaigns:

The next section you must personalize is an introduction part of your message. 

Use a person’s first name in the introduction section, show your attitude towards this recipient, and some touchpoints between both of you. You can start with a compliment regarding some piece of content written by the person or talking about other random things. 

  • Send follow-up emails

Unfortunately, even a highly-personalized email can never hit the target from the first attempt. It might be caused by different reasons – the recipient didn’t notice your message or it ended up in a spam folder. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that you will never reach out to this person. You should send a follow-up message that would remind the recipient to review your first pitch. 

Moreover, keep in mind that follow-up emails have 30% higher response rate in contrast to the first message you sent. 

  • Control every outreach campaign 

You can never predict how your email pitch would be accepted. You can only guess whether your outreach targets like it or not. Therefore, you must track and analyze every outreach campaign you run. 

You can use various services for this purpose but the one that works great is called Buzzstream. It allows you to:

  1. Create email templates
  2. Review email template success rate
  3. Review message history

Remember that email outreach analysis will help you find weak spots of your outreach efforts and avoid them in the future. 

To Conclude 

Email outreach is another inevitable part of digital marketing that every business owner should know how to use efficiently.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have – you will need to build communication with your target audience and potential partners. 

By following this detailed guide you will never have issues with your future outreach campaigns. 

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