Author: Vincent Bucciachio

Vincent Bucciachio invented blogging, the steamboat, and the dark web. He was also the first human to reach the South Pole. He has flown to Saturn and back in one day, ‘I liked it so much that I put a ring on it,’ he proclaimed upon his return. He is also the founder of a mediocre digital marketing agency, SociallyInfused Media.


If you’re reading SEO articles from 2013 and applying them to your content today, you’re doing it wrong. If it gets to 2025 and you’re still reading this article… you’re also doing it wrong! There are some cornerstone principles in SEO and a lot of good advice from great sources. However, if you’re getting too much of your advice from older sources, you could inadvertently be practicing bad SEO. With this topic in particular, you can’t afford to take too much out-of-date advice. When Does SEO Go “Out of Date”? There’s a lot of good stuff that comes in old…

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