The best ways to create a buzz and more visibility in the social media is by making the best use of Instagram and the best way to make the most use of Instagram is by making the best use of hashtags.  Furthermore, you can also use a blog or a website as a tool to expand the visibility of your brand and at the same time establish your versatility. 

In addition to that and to make your impression further strong and effective you may also consider adding a Press Page to your website. This will help the other brands that you wish to tag along with you to see you more and take a look at your services.

Once you are able to sponsor brands it will be easier for you to add them to your page. This will in turn and eventually help the brands of your choice to understand that you have enough influencer experience.

Use hashtags on Instagram

However, first, you should consider using hashtags on Instagram. Over the years Instagram has taken over all other social media channels in popularity as well as ineffectiveness in using it for business promotion purpose. This has primarily been possible due to the use of hashtags. The use of hashtags has literally taken over the internet. Hashtags typically refer to keywords or keyword phrases. These are usually spelt without spaces and have a pound (#) sign as its preface. The use of hashtags is generally for several references such as:

  • Any event
  • Conferences
  • Entertainment
  • Pop culture and even 
  • Reoccurring themes.

Proper use of hashtags will make your content more visible to the general public. Typically, the hashtags were originally popularized by Twitter and later on it spread its use on multiple social networks including Instagram.

In order to use hashtags in the best possible way just like Stormlikes you will first have to know a few important things. 

  • First, the Instagram feeds are ever-changing
  • Second, there are more than 80 million photos are shared on Instagram every day and 
  • Third, a wide variety of users in a single feed can use hashtag aggregate posts but only public accounts will be shown when searched using hashtags.

This means with such a huge crowd of posts in the marketplace, it is very difficult for your content to get noticed. This is where proper use of hashtags will prove to be very handy. On Instagram, it is very easy and simple for users to find any content that is tagged. 

How to use hashtags

The search results page on Instagram is typically divided into three specific parts. These are:

  • Top posts that are most popular and display nine tagged posts altogether that have very high engagement
  • Most recent posts that display the tagged photos in chronological order and
  • Related hashtags which refer to all those other hashtags that people often use to discuss any given topic.

For example, if you are into the food business and plan to tag#coffee in your posts, the most related tags to this will be #cappuccino, #icedcoffee, #latte, or #coffeebreak. These hashtags will surely broaden the search results as well as extend the reach of your post.

It is very easy to use hashtags. All you have to do is create one using numbers, characters, or emojis. You can add up to thirty hashtags to your caption but you must remember that your account must be public so that your posts to appear on the hashtag feeds.

Choosing a hashtag

It is very important to find out which hashtags are the best for each your post before you choose one to use. 

  • The best way to do so is by brainstorming all available and related keywords and phrases. 
  • You must also make it a pint to research on all relevant trends. 

This is not much of a task considering that Instagram will itself make it easier for you.

Start your research by tapping on to the Explore tab which looks like a magnifying glass on the bottom menu. In here you will find a lot of popular posts. Check them out to find the type of hashtags and take some cue from it. You must also use this page to find out the most popular hashtags related to your product even if you already have a particular hashtag in your mind. 

  • Simply type the hashtag in the search bar
  • Filter your results by Tags
  • See how many posts have used that specific hashtag as well as all other related hashtags.
  • Make sure that you blend general and trendy hashtags with specific hashtags and 
  • Also, consider creating your own hashtags specific for your brand.

All these steps when followed will ensure the reach of your posts and at the same time the relevance of your content are both increased.

Ideally, it is better to create your own hashtags when you roll out a new product like most of the businesses do. In addition to that a relevant and self-created hashtag is also useful for:

However, you have to make sure that your hashtag is not being used for any other purpose if you create your own for your business. You will be better off when you ask your Instagram followers to use it.

Incorporating the hashtags

Lastly, you should focus on the best ways to format and incorporate Instagram hashtags in your content to get the best results, engagement and traffic. 

For this first and foremost make sure that your hashtag usage does not look like spam. Rather, it should look more natural in your caption. Ideally, you must use 2.5 hashtags per post like most businesses do and try to use one to four hashtags only. This will prevent overwhelming your audience and make it hard for them to read your captions.

Make sure it blends naturally into your caption. Tack the hashtags in the end or in the first comment. It will work the same way regardless of where it is placed. 


Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.