Author: Ronald Dod

Ronald Dod is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Visiture, an end-to-end eCommerce marketing agency focused on helping online merchants acquire more customers through the use of search engines, social media platforms, marketplaces, and their online storefronts.


Even those who have the most rudimentary understanding of SEO know that getting a site to the first page (let alone position one) is an immensely challenging task. There is a lot that goes into researching, crafting and optimizing an SEO strategy. However, given that the majority of marketers claim that organic search is their highest ROI marketing channel, it is critical for retailers to overcome the complexities and challenges and learn to master this discipline. Fortunately, in today‚Äôs digital marketing landscape, retailers have a panoply of different SEO tools at their fingertips, thereby easily revealing tons of optimization opportunities.…

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