Author: Liz Slyman

Over the past decade, Liz has worked as a copywriter and digital marketing executive for a multitude of companies from startups to and mid-sized businesses to working as the VP of marketing for award-winning, platinum-selling artists. Leveraging an understanding of the nuance of language in marketing, Liz founded Amplihigher, a content marketing and copywriting agency, designed to connect consumers to companies in a way that results in next-level brand expansion.


With rapid-paced advancements in algorithms, AI, and data collection,search engines are getting smarter. It has always been the objective of Google and other search engines to serve the most relevant information to those searching, and with improved search engine intelligence, internet search results are becoming more tailored to the individual making the query. How does your business remain competitive? One word, and one acronym: Semantic SEO. How do you accomplish that? Don’t write for SEO. Confused? What is Semantic SEO? Search engines have evolved to recognize when you’re writing specifically for SEO, and Google and other search giants are now…

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