Creating high-quality content is not always enough to get you the desired reads and shares. In fact, a lot of times, good content just disappears into a sea of content, because no one finds out about it.

That’s why you need an optimized content promotion strategy to increase the reach and visibility of your content. It can also help you boost the ROI of your campaigns.

But, how can you optimize your content promotion strategy?

Well, that’s what this post is all about. In this post, you will find seven of the most effective ways in which you can optimize your content promotion strategy and expand your content’s reach.

Ready to get started?

Here you go.

1. Make Social Sharing Easy

The first rule of optimizing your content promotion strategy is to let your audience share and promote the content that they like. No matter how many people you hire for content promotion, it can not compare to when your actual audience promotes your content.

But, what can you do to ensure that your audience shares your content?

Well, you can make it easy for them to share your content by adding hassle-free social-sharing options. The first thing that you need to do is to add social sharing buttons to all of your content pieces. This way, anyone who likes your content can share it on social media.

It is even better if you use a floating bar with social sharing buttons so that users don’t have to search for it and can share anything they like instantly.

You can also use the “click to tweet” option for your website design which allows people to directly tweet any line (usually quotes) from your content. Adding quotes to your content also increases the chances of people sharing it on social media.

2. Use Keywords for Organic Promotion

While it is important to promote your content aggressively, you cannot underestimate the importance of organic search traffic. SEO is a sustainable way to promote your content organically to maintain a steady flow of traffic.

So, optimize all of your content for the right keywords to get a relevant audience to your website, directly from search engines. For this, you will need to do thorough keyword research and choose the most relevant keywords for each piece of content.

You will also need to create high-quality, relevant content for your target keywords, to make sure that people like your content over other similar content. This will further improve your SERP rankings.

Use tools to create good content for your website or hire qualified writers to create SEO-friendly content that ranks.

3. Add Shareable Visuals to Your Content

Adding to the previous point on making your content shareable, you can also add shareable visuals to your content. Since most social media platforms prefer visual content, adding shareable visuals is a great way to allow your audience to share your content.

You can include infographics, charts, graphs, quotes in a visual format, and more to enrich your text content and make it more engaging and shareworthy. Make sure that your visuals are the right size to be shared on most social media platforms.

Also, ensure that the file size is not too heavy that it takes time to load and share. Basically, add easy-to-share images and other visuals to your content that people will like to share.

BuzzFeed, for example, adds social-sharing buttons below each image in their posts, to encourage people to share them.

Image via BuzzFeed

4. Use Internal Linking Effectively

One neat trick to promote your content is to direct your website visitors from one piece of content to another relevant one using internal linking. Most of the time, people visit your website, read an article and just leave.

But, what if there were more similar content pieces that could be useful for them?

Well, internal links can provide them with the opportunity to read similar content and direct them to the right resources. This is not something that you do in retrospect but should be done right from the beginning when you launch a new blog.

To do internal linking right, just make sure you link only to related or similar content and use a relevant anchor text.

5. Create Videos to Promote Long-Form Content

Videos are the holy grail for your content promotion strategy because they are the most engaging form of content. With videos, you can deliver tons of information, without it being boring.

But, how can you use videos for content promotion?

One of the best ways to use videos for content promotion is to distill your long-form content into snippets and key points that you compile in the form of a video. You can share this video on social media to generate interest in your content and then direct users to your long-form content.

If you have quotes from industry experts or influencers in your content, you can make a video of them saying those quotes. This is an excellent content promotion strategy that you can use to get more people to read your long-form content.

6. Send Regular Newsletters to Your Subscribers

If you want to optimize your content promotion strategy, you cannot ignore the power of email marketing. After all, marketers have been using emails to send updates about their latest content for decades.

Newsletters are a great way to inform your existing audience about your latest blog posts. Make sure that your newsletters are visual and engaging, and have clearly visible CTAs.

You can use good email platforms that provide newsletter templates and make it easy to run email campaigns. 

7. Advertise

Last but not least of these tips to optimize your content promotion strategy is to simply advertise. Advertising does deliver quick results, at a price of course.

Paid search ads are a good way to promote your content and get visitors to your website. To create brand awareness about your website, you can even place social media ads. Social media advertising is highly effective and targeted, so you will get complete value for your money.

What Next?

Use these tips to optimize your content promotion strategy and increase your audience base. These will help you increase the reach of your content and encourage your readers to promote your content on social media.

Most of these strategies do not require much investment and can be easily implemented right away. So, get right to it and optimize your content promotion strategy right now. All the best!


Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. He is the co-founder of Attrock, a digital marketing agency. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.