Blogging has been around for quite some time now. What started to be just a personal homepage by a college student in 1994, become a massive network and strategy these days. While different trends arrive at the start of every year, and many folks think that these trends may overthrow blogging, it did not. 

Blogs remained to do their job up to these days, which is to deliver favourable results to any website.  Its capability to drive website traffic has been one of the many reasons why a lot of business owners and marketers leverage this. Many have used blogs as a marketing tactic to encourage readers to visit their sites and learn about their brand by offering valuable information. 

The Relationship of Blogging and SEO

While it gives many favourable things in your SEO campaign, SEO is not purely blogging, nor it directly affects your SEO ranking. Owning and crafting your blog will not make you rank higher in search engines instantly. 

What blogging does in your SEO is it give several vital factors that help you in your SEO campaign. These factors are essential in making sure that your website will climb high in search engines. Blogging can create a significant impact on how your site and improve its overall performance. 

Four Reasons You Need To Blog For Your SEO Strategy

Helps You Crawl in Search Engines

Unless you have already established your name, considered a leader in your industry, and your company’s net worth is worth a multi-billion dollar, then you know people will be looking for you even just using a single keyword. But if not, you have to work on the use of proper keywords that will drive people to your site. 

Blogging allows you to write posts that will give your site a better ranking when people do their searches on search engines. Using long-tail keywords in your blogs can help your online visibility. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are comprised of three to four keywords and are very specific. These type of keywords perform better when it comes ranking than the single generic keyword. 

When used in your website, long-tail keywords seemed to be a bit off and out of place. Blogging provides you with an avenue to incorporate these keywords without sounding too pushy and sales – centred. With blogging, it comes off naturally while giving you a higher rank in search engines. 

Makes People Stay Longer in Your Site

Everything that customers do on search engines from to moment they click on your link and when they leave right away after visiting your website, your article or even a specific product page and return to search page can send a signal to Google. Google interprets this that the site that has been click on does not offer any help and the article is not useful. It will be a factor to give your website a lower rank in search engines. 

When a visitor clicked on your site and stayed for a short while, this sends a signal to Google that the website offers something helpful and provides valuable information to its visitors. It will be then a determiner to give you a higher in search engines as you give answers to people’s query. 

When your website has a blog post that appears on search engines and provides the needs of the customers, they will most likely click on it and stays on while to read it. Though Google did not give a specific amount of time to be spent by customers on a website they are on before they determine it to be a decisive ranking factor, Google made it clear that is it something they value. 

Builds Your Online Authority

One of the many goals you have in building a website and investing so much time and efforts in your online visibility is to establish your credibility and your authority. You want people to view you as a trustworthy leader in your industry that will make them trust you. 

Writing a valuable blog on your site does not only give you the chance of obtaining higher ranking in search engines through your site’s visitor. What it also does to you is it also allows you to establish your online authority. When you have valuable content on your website, people will start quoting your blog as a reference and provides you with additional online visibility. As this happens, you become a figure of authority. 

Though this is not an easy success and requires much effort from you by offering thorough, informative contents, results will be worth it. Google will take notice of this and will improve your search ranking results. 

Makes Your Social Media Calendar Full

Social Media and SEO have always shared a special kind of relationship. Though they do not generally affect each other directly, they always compliment each other. What better ways can social media can promote and drive traffic to your site? It is by sharing valuable content from your website’s blog post.

Regular sharing of your blog posts can do gold in your social media platforms. Sharing of content will increase visibility and provide information that people do not know they need. When these people click on the link, your website activity will increase, and you will attract more site visitor. 

Final Thoughts

Even with the emergence of many new activities that can boost your SEO strategy, one cannot undermine the importance of blogging in achieving your SEO goals. Blogs can do wonder in your website. It can establish your online reputation, promote the formation of the community surrounding your brand, share the latest updates in your company and help you give highlights to the things that you offer. 

While it offers you a vast opportunity that will be beneficial for your company and your brand like improving your SEO rankings, you have to take note that unhealthy blogging can hurt your SEO efforts. Thin contents, wrong grammars and poorly written articles can affect your ranking and give you negative results. So, it is vital to be on the lookout. 

Blogging is more than just producing a 1000-word article. It should offer in-depth value to your readers. Make it good content that is on point and engaging. Though it seems like a simple process, it is not and would require your effort and time. However, if you do it right, you will enjoy its reward for a very long time. 


Ramon has been writing about technology trends, entertainment, and gaming ever since he left the busy world of corporate HR Tech behind. He currently writes about software and user experiences for Softvire Australia - the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand. In his spare time, Ramon writes science fiction, collects little yellow men and plastic spaceships.